Is a digital marketing consultancy that delivers breakthrough communication & events through our networks and referrals and unique business development services.




Our clients:

We are experienced at conceptualizing and orchestrating both events, promotions, digital media and more from start to finish.

Guanxi Connections handles everything from developing and managing clients budgets, sourcing venue and event suppliers,  to comprehensive media outreach programs.

We have a successful history of presenting and coordinating gifting opportunities that benefit the brand and place product in the hands of target consumers and market influencers.

Who we have worked with in the past

Guanxi Connections Ltd has 15 years of experience in China and therefore has the flair & the etiquette of creating a unified relationship between their clients; irrelevant of nationality & communication barriers and strives to satisfy their client’s desires.  Our team of qualified experts have worked and lived in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, China and Africa, building solid guanxi along the way.

We provide clients with in depth local knowledge, offering cultural sensitivity to ensure tactfully delivery of the clients message across every interaction with their target market. If time and energy is invested diligently, especially in today’s current climate, then we would feel that there is no need to offer these services.  However, through constant engagement with our clients we have realized a need to offer more than is required.   Guanxi Connections Ltd has extended its service to offer our clients more services to enhance their social or corporate lifestyle.  We deliver customized products and services in an efficient and timely manner, utilizing our wide range of network of top suppliers and the combined skills of a knowledgable and management team.
  1. Event management, Hong Kong, Australia, Event productions
  2. Design, production agency for EMC² Hong Kong Rugby Sevens
  3. Design and production agency for the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong and Macau
  4. Event Management & production for live sporting events in Hong Kong and Singapore
  5. Design and production for exhibitions in the pharmaceutical industry
  6. PR agency and Marketing agency for Henley Business School in Hong Kong and Malaysia
  7. Social media agency for The Brewery during the London Olympics in China and Asia
  8. Mobile apps for a New York meetup group
  9. Motion Graphics and video production for cultural event in Hong Kong
  10. Motion graphics and video production for Standard Chartered HK Rugby Sevens
  11. Website production and design
  12. Production and design for mobile apps
  13. Design and production for mobile apps
  14. Conferences & events for blue-chip companies in Hong Kong
  15. Design, Event and Production Agency for the Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong & Macau
  16. Design, Event and Production agency for live sporting events in Hong Kong & Singapore
  17. Design, Event and Production agency for live fashion show in Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong, LKF
  18. Event & Concierge Management for Sabre International
  19. Design agency for Kuoni Travel Company in Hong Kong